Boris and Rufus

Boris & Rufus is an animated TV series about the adventures of Boris, a cranky dog, and Rufus, an excitable ferret who believes himself a dog. They belong to Enzo, a teenager in love with his neighbor, Jennifer, who owns an internet-famous cat, the insufferable Leopoldo.

When the owners are not around, the animals stop behaving like pets; they use electronic devices, access the “interpetnet” (the animals’ web), play videogames and get involved in all sorts of shenanigans. The conflicts between Boris’ and Rufus’ personalities, plus their encounters with fantastic beings and items, lead to great adventures that can go far beyond the “real” world.

Animated series with 26 episodes of 11 minutes aired on Disney channels Latin America and Amazon Prime
plus 13 new episodes premiering in 2020.
International sales: Pacotinho Filmes |
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